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What are Milestone's Clients Saying?




Fyi… I heard Sam directed you to Milestone. Just want to vouch for the team at Milestone. I have done business with them for over 10 years. They specialize in really Systematics apps, but have a wealth of experience across the Deposits knowledge space. I have yet to get someone from Milestone, that I turned away saying they weren’t good. Actually have hired about 50% of the people they have brought on. One of the few vendors in the business I can honestly say I trust.”

~SVP IT Manager – Large US Regional Bank



Hello – I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment and write a few lines to tell you how impressed I was with the work Doug and Charay did for us in support of the April Release. Doug was the most awesome BA – he and Prasan must have broken records turning defect root cause research around in hours. Charay was absolutely a joy to work with and she kept everyone informed and marching forward every step of the way.

Both were awesome partners to work with — always professional, knowledgeable, patient and helpful – it really made some stressful times during testing almost bearable. I’d consider myself quite fortunate if the opportunity comes to work with either of them again.I know they are consultants with us and none of the other modes of recognition are available so I wanted to drop a quick note to you expressing my appreciation and asking you to please forward to their managers.

~Business Area SVP – US Regional Bank



“I wanted to send you this note to recognize Joellen for her outstanding efforts on this SNA to TCPIP Conversion project.

This week we entered the last week of CIT testing for the February Release, this project was late getting into the Release so late getting into CIT.

The project’s TDM and PTM were on vacation after Monday, so JoE hosted meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday for the entire project team to work through some major CIT testing issues. So not only did she continue with her FAST TDL role on this project, but she also pretty much took on the TDM and PTM’s role supporting these CIT issues.

Without her support I think this project would have been stuck with so many folks out on vacation.”

~— IT Manager (Major US Bank)



I started with Milestone Banking Solutions in January 2012. As I began looking at my employment options in late 2011, I was pleasantly surprised with the calmness and confidence that Milestone had in a tough economic environment. Their attitude and perspective convinced me that they were the right choice. They had numerous consulting opportunities to consider immediately, as well as a clear line of site into what would be available in the near term. Milestone helped me remain patient as they matched their clients’ needs and requirements with my skills, and found what I consider to be a perfect match.”

~S. Strickland (Project Manager)



I have worked with Milestone Banking Solutions for most of the past 10 years, providing professional software consulting services for some of the leading financial institutions in the USA. It’s an easy choice to work with MBS because of relationships that bond from the beginning and grow over time. The MBS account executives never fail to stay abreast of the projects that I am engaged on, and they keep an open line of communication with their consultants and business partners to track progress from all perspectives. I don’t expect that I’ll ever have a bad experience working with Milestone, and I highly recommend their services to both consultants and financial institutions.”

~D. Hay, (Senior Technical Analyst)



Milestone has become one of the most respected companies we look to when we request consulting support. In the many years that I have been working with vendors, I have learned to rely on Milestone because of the high caliber talent that they have provided to me in I.T.”

~IT Manager (top 5 US bank)



When we outsource key project roles, Milestone managers can be trusted to make accurate assessments on the strengths and skills that their Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Business Systems Analyst deliver. Because they have invested the necessary time in understanding our area, they continue to get better and better at proposing alternate allocation strategies.”

~Sr. VP – Business Operations – Business Systems Analysts (Large regional bank)



When you have relied on project services as often as I have, you keep the company of service firms that can be relied on time and time again. The relationship managers at Milestone continue to demonstrate that they can provide on-time project support that meets the requirements that we give them.”

~SR. VP – PMO (Large regional bank)



I have used Milestone for a number of years to help support my team’s large project initiatives and complex system integrations because their consultants not only have many years of experience in banking, but also years of the specialized skills at the systems level.”

~Core Systems Applications Manager (Medium size bank)



The consultant Project Managers and Business Systems Analysts from Milestone consistently demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and represent the department well when interacting with other areas of the bank. I can depend on the Milestone relationship managers to offer excellent and sound judgments. These are some of the reasons that I bring their staff back in year after year.”

~Deposit Systems IT Manager (Medium size bank holding company)