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Staff Augmentation

staffingIn today’s banking industry, businesses are challenged by strict compliance rules and tight project deadlines. By having experts on your team who understand these guidelines and have the skills to produce quick results, you can dramatically increase productivity and shorten delivery time.

Whether you are preparing for a project that requires specific skills that are unavailable internally or you are planning a complex conversion or upgrade, staff augmentation can help you achieve your business and IT goals. Rather than training existing employees in your organization, staff augmentation reduces your development time and eliminates the high cost of training and skill development internally.

Staff augmentation also helps you manage fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs, giving you the flexibility to obtain highly skilled and finely tuned resources when you need them.

With more than 3,000 information technology and business banking professionals available across the US, we are well prepared to assist your organization with all of your contingent workforce needs.

4 Key Reasons to Use Staff Augmentation:

  1. Flexibility: You can increase your staffs’ output when needed
  2. Cost Effectiveness: You only pay when specific skills are required
  3. Control: You control who is leading the charge on your most important and pressing projects and who gets delegated to minor tasks
  4. Mitigate Risk: You keep things in-house, reducing the risk that can come from outsourcing entire projects to a single vendor.


We are exclusively focused on the banking industry. That focus helps us recognize the skills and the talent that you demand. Whether you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution, or need assistance for a few months, our subject matter experts are ready to work with you on-site or remote, under your direction to help you throughout the lifecycle of your project.

What is unique about the Milestone management and consulting team is that we are a complement of former banking business and it managers. We share a deep understanding of your needs and the unique challenges faced in every-day situations.

Our consultants have extensive experience in banking information technology and business solutions, and they understand the environments, the demands, the deadlines and your systems.

When you need project support or specialized talent, Milestone is ready with top flight candidates including experienced system engineers, database designers, as well as project leaders and business analysts with strong banking and business expertise.

Whether you need short-term support or long-term resources, our consultants are there, ready to make it happen.

Our experience and expertise covers many products, technologies and business applications including:

grn-arrow AFS
grn-arrow Alltel
grn-arrow Argo Teller and Platform
grn-arrow Application Development
grn-arrow Business Analysis
grn-arrow Check Free
grn-arrow Database Administration
grn-arrow Database Design Data Mining
grn-arrow Enterprise Architect
grn-arrow Fidelity ALS Business Analyst
grn-arrow Fiserv
grn-arrow Harland
grn-arrow Hogan
grn-arrow J2EE Architects
grn-arrow J2EE Developers
grn-arrow Kirchman
grn-arrow Linux Developers
grn-arrow Linux System Analysts
grn-arrow Metavante
grn-arrow Project Management Quality Assurance Architect
grn-arrow Senior Java/J2ee Developer
grn-arrow Shaw
grn-arrow Software Development
grn-arrow Software QA Team Lead
grn-arrow Systematics
grn-arrow Systems Integration Architect
grn-arrow S1 Web Banking
grn-arrow Training and Education
grn-arrow Vector
grn-arrow Web Development