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QA and Testing

Software development V-ModelQuality assurance and testing is an element of your banking solution that cannot be overlooked. By investing in a QA and testing initiative, you avoid the likelihood of budget overruns, extended timelines, quality issues, and unmet deliverables.

By bringing Milestone onto your team, you can be sure that your banking software is installed and tested to the highest standard. We provide both initial setup of QA groups and temporary staffing for merger and acquisition projects. We have an extensive track record of fulfilling QA and testing needs for a multitude of banks, including the top 5 in the country.


The banking industry is constantly undergoing change. New product roll outs, software upgrades and banking regulations are just a few things that are in-flight at all times.

All change brings risk; however, when the change process is well defined and properly managed, the risk is mitigated because the expected results are verified and proven before they are deployed into your production environment.

Perspective ChecklistThe size and structure of an organization generally determines which QA model is best suited for the environment. Smaller organizations often combine the QA process with the development process, calling upon the programmers and business analysts to verify changes. Larger organizations dedicate entire groups of resources to the QA process.

Whichever model fits your organization, Milestone can assist you with your QA needs.

Community and Small Banks

Milestone has the expertise needed to build full QA teams that will augment your change process, freeing your current staff to concentrate on the design and development stages. When your major project is completed, the QA team is released. This makes “big data” QA and testing methodology affordable for the smaller bank environment.

Larger organizations

We have extensive experience and knowledge with the change process in place at the larger banking organizations. We can augment your current QA teams by supplying QA team leads, QA analysts, and testers. These folks are up to speed with the latest 3rd party testing tools and the latest testing methodologies like test script creation and verification, and trouble report generation and resolution.

Using Milestone Banking Solutions for your QA and testing process ensures that you will get unbiased and impartial feedback from our subject matter experts based on their years of experience with your banking software.

How does your change management model compare to best practices?